MS-500T00: Microsoft 365 Security Administration


In this course, you will learn how to secure user access to your organization’s resources. The course covers user password protection, multi-factor authentication, how to enable Azure Identity Protection, how to configure and use Azure AD Connect, and introduces you to Conditional Access in Microsoft 365. You will learn about the threat protection technologies that help protect your Microsoft 365 environment. Specifically, you will learn about threat vectors and Microsoft security solutions to mitigate threats. You will learn about Secure Score, Exchange Online protection, Azure Advanced Threat Protection, Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection, and Threat Management. In the course, you will learn about the information protection technologies that help protect your Microsoft 365 environment. The course covers rights-managed content, message encryption, and the labels, policies, and rules that support preventing data loss and protecting information. Finally, you will learn about archiving and retention in Microsoft 365, as well as data management and how to conduct content research and research. This course covers data retention policies and labels, on-site records management for SharePoint, email retention, and how to conduct content searches that support eDiscovery investigations.

Audience:  TI Proffesionals
Tecnology:  Microsoft 365
Duration:  40 Hours


Module 1: User and group management
Module 2: Synchronization and Identity Protection
Module 3: Identity and Access Management
Module 4: Security in Microsoft 365
Module 5: Advanced Threat Protection
Module 6: Threat Management
Module 7: Microsoft Cloud Application Security
Module 8: Mobility
Module 9: Information Protection and Governance
Module 10: Data Loss Prevention
Module 11: Cloud Application Security
Module 12: Compliance Management
Module 13: Internal Risk Management
Module 14: Discover and Respond

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