About Us
Meeting your needs

TeKnowLogic was born with the purpose of simplifying businesses and institutions everything related to the efficient and effective use of technology both at corporate level and particular. Set design programs to their needs , 100 % customized , giving them the proper follow-up to ensure the smooth operation of their projects. Simply convert your problems into solutions .

Knowledge Economy

In the knowledge economy , the traditional financial and industrial capital happen to have the same relevance that human capital , where quality of people and abilities to perform successfully its functions, which is why an extensive list of companies , institutions and organizations have seen their technological problems turned into solutions through TeKnowLogic . By understanding the changing world of technology we always remain at the forefront through continuous investment to be reliable knowledgeable about the technologies and to guarantee strong responses to the needs of each of our clients.





TKL meets your needs, from technical assistance, " Outsourcing " security solutions , migration of Microsoft platforms , implementation of ERP , CRM and management of technology projects guided under the framework Microsoft® Solutions Framework ( MSFT ) application development.
To ensure the success TKL achieves the perfect combination of technology , processes and people , giving each of these technological variables triangle, proper weight and relevance.


Our immediate goal is to convert all your technical problems into solutions .

Be global leaders in technological knowledge to help your company make efficient and effective use of technology.

100 % leverage existing resources. Ensure proper corporate self-sufficiency through knowledge transfer.


"Helping each organization to make efficient and effective use of technology , making each of its technological problems in secure business solutions , assisted by excellent professionals and differentiated by a unique and memorable service "


"To be global leaders of technological knowledge and preferred in providing specialized solutions being identified for excellence in service and continuous innovation "

To achieve its objectives , all organizations are nourished by internal or external staff. In a globalized world, knowledge becomes the most precious asset.