In this twenty-four-hours course, you will learn how to use FortiSIEM, and how to integrate FortiSIEM into your network awareness infrastructure.

You will learn about initial configurations, architecture, and the discovery of devices on the network. You will also learn how to collect performance information and aggregate it with syslog data. Additionally, you will learn how you can use the configuration database to greatly facilitate compliance audits.

Audience(s):  Network Security Profesionals
Technology:  FortiSIEM
Duration:  24 hours

Modulo 1: Introduction

Modulo 2: SIEM and PAM Concepts

Modulo 3: Discovery

Modulo 4: FortiSIEM Analytics

Modulo 5: CMDB Lookups and Filters

Modulo 6: Group By and Aggregations

Modulo 7: Rules

Modulo 8: Incidents and Notification Policies

Modulo 9: Reports and Dashboards

Modulo 10: Maintaining and Tuning

Modulo 11: FortiSIEM Agents

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